THE ILLIONS SUPREME CAROUSEL: complete list of credits

Executive Producers:
William Hersey, Loren Lovgren, Robert McNeil

Created By:
William Hersey, Loren Lovgren, Terry Strauss

Produced & Directed By:
Terry Strauss

Barry Schienberg, Dave Drum

Steven Balick, Claudia Katayanagi, Rob Weiner, Eric Limcouco.

Loren Lovgren
Bill Hersey

Online Editors:
Loren Sorensen
Jesse Spencer

Sound Mix:
Mark Escott
Phoenix Sound Design

Wurlitzer Band Organ Music selections from
“Good Old U.S.A. Wurlitzer Carousel Music Vol. 2”
Available on and iTunes

Historical Photos & Footage, Illions Supreme
Roland “Rock” Hopkins

Historical footage, Leroy King Carousel:
Courtesy of:
Joe Mirante
Lary Lucas

Special Thanks:
Tom Wyrsch
Garfield Lane Productions

Chris Diaz

Marvin Gold