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All the great American steam yachts of the Golden Age are gone, EXCEPT Cangarda. The vessel was built in 1901 at the Pusey and Jones Shipyard in Wilmington, Delaware. She is 136 feet long, and weighs 125 tons, the size of a small airliner. Watch as the original machinery is restored, including seven steam engines. It will take over 100,000 man hours to bring this classic yacht her back to life. The most important yacht restoration of all time, no detail was spared to bring Cangarda back to her original beauty and charm, while at the same time utilizing modern technology, making her seaworthy and suitable for family use. Cangarda now has the best of the old, and the best of the new, and is out sailing the sea, doing what she was designed to do.

Cangarda: The Last American Steam Yacht