The Second World War saw the rise of air power changing forever, the way battles were fought and won. At Vintage Wings Air Museum in Ottawa, Canada, they are dedicated to finding and preserving the last of the airplanes from WWII. Of all the War Birds, one of the most effective, yet mysterious, was the Lysander. Affectionately known as Lizzie, she was built by Victory Aircraft in 1942. The Lysander became the first plane in the war to shoot down a bomber. Revered by the French Resistance for its daring nighttime rescues behind enemy lines, the Lysander became the symbol of victory. One of the most important airplane restorations in the last 50 years. Watch as Lizzie is brought back to her original glory, one of only four Lysanders that remain, still flying, anywhere in the world.

The Lysander: Canada's Unsung Hero